We take design seriously. Because you take your home seriously.


Our approach to creating a new space is rigorous. For us. For you, we take out the stress and amplify the joy. In our first meeting, whether on a call or in our showroom, we work to understand your vision for a space you’ll love. How big the project will be, how you’ll use the space, the budget that’s realistic for you and the style you favor.


Once we decide to work together, we’ll establish a design retainer with you and get started with the first step in our design approach.

How Do We Begin? Onsite measurements

Discuss the possibilities

The work begins with a careful look at your current space and thoughtful talk about its potential. We measure every fraction of an inch to ensure a perfect fit for everything to come.

Before you see us again, we’ll create a detailed layout of your space so we’re all, well, working off the same page.

The Look Before
The Existing Plan
Three Design Options Set the direction

By the time we meet again, we will have created multiple design options that reflect the dreams we’ve heard from you and push the boundaries of the realities of your space.

It’s now you’re turn to take the designs home, consider them, visualize them, imagine yourself in them. What works? What doesn’t? What more do you want?

Option 1: Floorplan
Option 1: Perspectives
Option 2: Floorplan
Option 2: Perspectives
Option 3: Floorplan
Option 3: Perspectives
Final Construction Plans Pick your "colors"

In this step, we have your final design and construction plans in hand—with more detail than you thought possible. And that, your construction crew will thank you for. These plans make it clear how to move from your current space to your dream space with certainty and accuracy.

And the fun begins. We bring together all the possibilities: cabinets, surfaces, fixtures, appliances, lighting and colors. You look, touch, pick and choose. Our knowledge of the products—how they work and fit together—gives you the confidence you’re making the decisions that you’ll be thrilled to live with.

Pick Your Finishes
Final Design: Floorplan
Final Design: Perspectives
Final Design: Elevations
Final Design: Electrical
Construction Support Revel in your new space

We’re available throughout construction and installation to answer questions and help resolve any unexpected concerns. We encourage you to talk to our clients. You’ll hear a story of unwavering support and the same attention to detail that you see throughout our approach.

If you’d like us to more closely oversee your project, we can provide project management services for an additional fee.

Final Kitchen: A Look Come True
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