Colette Rodon Hornof

Founder & Chief Designer

Colette Rodon Hornof is one of Chicago’s most sought after kitchen and living space designers. With multiple awards and accolades, Colette has an established reputation as a designer of captivating, high-end kitchen and living spaces, with a no-nonsense approach to project delivery.

Colette launched her design studio Vesta in 2006 with her husband, architect William Rodon Hornof. Through Vesta, she has delivered myriad kitchen and living space transformations, bringing her clients the design innovation and commitment to detail that set her apart. Colette and Bill first teamed up as business partners in 1996 when she joined his firm, 2RZ Architecture. Her experience in commercial and residential design, including work at de Giulio Kitchen Design, brought the firm even greater stature as an arbiter of style.

Colette is a licensed Interior Designer in the State of Illinois. She is an Industry Partner of both the American Society of Interior Design and the National Kitchen and Bath Association. She is an active member of The Home Builders Association. She currently serves on the Executive Board of Designs for Dignity. She is also a former Executive Board Member of The Lincoln Park Chamber and former member of The Women’s President’s Organization.